I'M THE BOSS harness

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Let's get some things straight: I'M the boss.

Jacquard ribbon used for this harness was custom woven in Moscow.

Each harness is individually hand-made in our studio with great attention to detail. Design, together with well proportioned dimensions ensures that the positioning of the harness on the dog guarantees maximum comfort in all situations. Pressure is properly distributed on the dog's sternum and thorax only, even when he is pulling.

See below for details and size chart.

To find the right size please measure around your dog's girth at the widest part allowing at least 5 cms from the back of the front legs.

Nylon webbing used for this harness is made in the U.S.A. It's approximately 1.8 mm thick. It's a heavy-weight material and is stronger than polypropylene and polyester webbing. Nylon has a soft, lustrous feel. In addition, it is easy to care for as it is machine washable (we recommend you only dry it on low heat). Tensile Strength: 3,000 lbs.

Buckles and adjusters are produced by Woojin, one of the best plastic hardware manufacturer in the world. They are made of acetal which maintains long-lasting mechanical and shock resistance, even in extreme conditions. The plastic parts are rounded off and have no sharp edges and the unique positioning of the two buckles allows both fixing and removing of the harness with no fuss for dog or owner.

All parts are sewn together with secure stitching and the overlapping parts, which have contact with the dog's fur or skin, are finished with a special stitching that avoids rubbing, particularly in short-haired dogs.

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